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Август 2018

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Номер Title Перевод Summary
1 40832 Chemical industry know-how sought for further development of digital marketplace for raw materials Ноу-хау в области химической промышленности для развития рынка сырья A German start-up company set up a digital marketplace combining suppliers and purchasers of different branches and sizes on one intuitive platform for raw materials. The platform is completely independent from chemicals producers and traders. In order to introduce new services and features and to further develop the platform, partners with know-how, experience and contacts in the chemical industry are sought for technical co-operation agreements.
2 40812 Process and apparatus for selective dielectrically heating a particulate bed using elongate electrodes Процесс и устройство для селективного диэлектрического нагрева слоя твердых частиц с использованием удлиненных электродов A German environmental research centre developed a process and apparatus for selective dielectrically heating a particulate bed using elongate electrodes. The invention supports the warming up of soil beds and materials with the help of rod-shaped electrodes. The research centre is looking for partners in the field of remediation practice for validation, optimisation and adaption for to specific needs under technical cooperation agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.
3 41079 High power fuel cell for portable and mobility application Высокопроизводительный топливный элемент для портативного и мобильного применения A Singapore institute of higher learning and research has developed novel fuel cells powered by hydrogen that have 2-3 times higher energy density compared to conventional energy storage devices, such as lithium ion batteries. The fuel cells can be utilized in a broad range of applications, including flight, personal mobility, portable off-grid power etc. This technology is available for licensing. The institute seeks licensing or research partnerships with SMEs of any size or MNEs.
4 40793 Method and device for adsorptive catalytic cleaning of contaminated gas streams Способ и устройство адсорбционно-каталитической очистки загрязненных газовых потоков A German environmental research centre developed a method and device for efficient cleaning of contaminated gas (namely air) streams. The approach is based on linking several sub-steps in a way that contaminated gas flows can be cleaned continuously with minimum energy consumption and with high flexibility. The centre is looking for partners for technical cooperation agreements and commercial agreement with technical assistance.
5 40937 A Chinese online store platform is looking for European duvet products (continental quilt) under a distribution agreement Китайский интернет-магазин ищет европейские пододеяльники в рамках дистрибьюторского соглашения The Chinese e-commerce online store platform is selecting the best products from all over the world for its Chinese customers. Based on their product categories expansion, they are looking for high-quality duvet suppliers from the European market. Potential cooperation could be worked out under a distribution agreement.
6 41064 A Polish company is offering to become a distributor of high quality antistatic/ESD (Electric Discharge) workwear on the Polish market Польская компания предлагает стать дистрибьютором высококачественной антистатической / ESD (Electric Discharge) спецодежды на польском рынке A Polish company is looking for foreign producers of antistatic/ESD (Electric Discharge) clothing interested in entering the Polish market with their products. Company is offering cooperation under distribution and commercial agency agreements.
7 40758 Urban mobility sharing system based on a for that purpose designed electric vehicle Система распределения городской мобильности, основанная на использовании специально разработанного электромобиля A Swiss spin-off offers an emission-free, sustainable mobility sharing system based on a specifically developed vehicle: three-wheel, electric with a roof, made of sustainable material. In its function, comfort and investment costs it is positioned between the car and the (e-)bike and developed for the first and last mile. The company is looking for partnerships with cities, public transport and sharing fleet providers as commercial agreement in form of feedback to the offered mobility solution.
8 40842 A guesthouse in north-eastern Poland is looking for partners Гостевой дом на северо-востоке Польши ищет партнеров A luxury guesthouse located near the picturesque Bug Valley, offers a full range of services and facilities for tourists. It is looking for tour operators to promote accommodation and proposes cooperation under the services agreement.
9 40955 Italian company active in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical market is looking for partners under services agreements Итальянская компания, занимающаяся фармацевтическим и нутрицевтическим рынком, ищет партнеров по соглашениям о предоставлении услуг Italian company specialised in the development and marketing of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products is offering customised support for the commercialisation and promotion of food supplements, cosmeceutical, pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Italy, under services agreements.
10 40667 Manufacturer for special nutrition from Italy looking for cooperation with supplier or manufacturer with a production site in India Производитель специального питания из Италии, который ищет сотрудничество с поставщиком или производителем с производственной площадкой в Индии Italian family-owned company, market leader in gluten free food products and producer of dietetic food for special medical purposes, searches manufacturers/suppliers in the food and cosmetics sectors in India, in particular in Rajasthan, Guajarat or Madhya Pradesh.The partner must have at least one production site in India.Example of products:Spices, food supplements, baby food, Lotions, Shampoo.Possible cooperation: Joint Venture for common purchasing and know-how exchange on the Indian market.
11 41524 Advanced driver assistance systems for the automotive industry and mobile machines Расширенные системы помощи водителю для автомобильной промышленности и мобильных машин A German SME provides technologies for the automation of vehicles. They offer support with complex hard- and software solutions for driver assistance, automated driving and autonomous systems. Furthermore, the automation of mobile machines is another core competence of the company. They look for cooperation agreements with technical assistance.
12 41458 German company seeks European meat, ham, cheese and pasta manufacturers or suppliers for distribution agreement Немецкая компания ищет европейских производителей мяса, ветчины, сыра и макарон для дистрибьютерского соглашения German food processing company is looking for manufacturers or suppliers of meat, cheese, sausage, ham and pasta from Europe for a long-term distribution agreement. It seeks products that are usually thrown away or destroyed by food producing companies (e.g. end pieces or products shortly before expiration of the "best before" date) to process them and sell in small packages to the retail trade. The company participated in several German funded projects on resource efficiency in food production.
13 41287 A Polish importer specializing in online sale of dietary supplements and foodstuffs is looking for trade intermediary agreements with producers and distributors of such products Польский импортер, специализирующийся на онлайн-продаже БАДов и продуктов питания, ищет торговые посреднические соглашения с производителями и дистрибьюторами такой продукции A company from Poland is specializing in the import and online sale of dietary supplements and pro-health foodstuffs from all over the world. They are looking for new products to complement their existing exclusive product range. They seek to establish commercial agency and distribution services agreements with producers. Also, they wish to cooperate with distributors of dietary foodstuffs in order to further provide distribution services.
14 41269 Acoustic levitator for enhanced process development of fluidized bed applications Акустический левитатор для улучшения процесса разработки приложений с псевдоожиженным слоем A German research institution has developed an acoustic levitator prototype for the contactless real-time observation of particles during spray drying and coating processes. An industrial partner from food, pharmaceutical, chemical sector, or suppliers of analytical tools and equipment for fluidized bed applications is sought for licensing, transfer of rights, contractual research projects, or R&D collaboration to further develop the technology.
15 24149 New intercooler approach for internal combustion engines Новый интеркулер для двигателей внутреннего сгорания An Italian expert in refrigeration equipment has developed and patented a new approach for integrating an intercooler system in turbocharged engines, with advantages over current state of the art. Technical cooperation and license agreements are searched with enterprises in the automotive sector or chilling/air-conditioning sector for carrying out a more thorough analysis on prototypes, evaluate market potential, explore possible licensing.
16 41398 A German manufacturer of playground and outdoor fitness equipment is looking for distribution partners Немецкий производитель детской площадки и спортивного инвентаря на открытом воздухе ищет партнеров по распространению A German SME is specialised in the development, planning, manufacturing and distribution of playground and fitness equipment for public spaces. It mainly uses natural materials (wood) and polyethylene. The company has developed a scientific fitness and movement concept for all ages. Tailor-made solutions for playgrounds and fitness parcs can be offered. Partners are sought for distribution services agreements.
17 41332 Polish manufacturer of spice racks is looking for distributors Польский производитель стеллажей для специй ищет дистрибьюторов Polish manufacturer of spice racks has been operating since 1994. Currently, the company offers 27 models of basic products; rotating spices, spice shelves, and small spices, which are both kitchen accessories and accessories for gastronomy in various colours of wood and nuts. The manufacturer is looking for long-term cooperation with foreign distributors and companies.
18 41381 A Polish SME offers sanitary equipment and household metal products under distribution services agreement Польское МСП предлагает санитарное оборудование и бытовые металлические изделия по договору дистрибьюторских услуг A Polish medium-sized company, specializing in the production of kitchen and bathroom sanitary equipment as well as home metal products, is looking for foreign partners who will distribute its products in their countries. This company has over twenty years’ experience and is active as an exporter, mainly to EU member countries. The products are in line with cutting-edge technological and design solutions. Cooperation based on a commercial agency and distribution services agreement is considered.
19 41323 Polish manufacturer of energy drinks including organic products is looking for distribution service and manufacturing agreement Польский производитель энергетических напитков, включая органические продукты, ищет дистрибьюторское обслуживание и соглашение о производстве Polish producer of energy drinks and drinks produced from natural ingredients would like to expand its sales and therefore whishes to sign distribution service agreement. The company is also offering manufacturing agreement to partners who wish to have their beverage either produced or just bottled/canned in Poland.
20 41209 Distribution partners sought for high-quality nutritional health supplements, dermocosmetics and medical devices Дистрибьютеры ищут высококачественные пищевые добавки для здоровья, дермокосметику и медицинские устройства Italian biochemical and pharmaceutical company specialised in developing, manufacturing and marketing of cutting-edge nutraceutical and dermaceutical products focusing on various product lines (phlebology, gynaecology, lymphology, general medicine, orthopaedics, urology, skin cleansers) is looking for foreign partners interested in cooperating under distribution services agreement.
21 41213 Leading Polish manufacturer of electric bicycles and bicycle accessories seeks distributors and agents or financial partners Ведущий польский производитель электровелосипедов и аксессуаров для велосипедов ищет дистрибьюторов и агентов или финансовых партнеров Leading Polish manufacturer and distributor of electric bicycles, established in 2014, offers more than 25 different models of electric bicycles such as classic urban bikes, strong touring bikes, MTB, small portable folding bikes, CCE certified speed pedelec and delivery bikes, fat bikes, as well as hardware and accessories for bicycles. The company is currently searching for distributors and agents to enter new markets. They are also considering a financial agreement with a new partner.
22 41104 German research institute offers individual technical support for SMEs regarding food safety along the whole production chain Немецкий научно-исследовательский институт предлагает индивидуальную техническую поддержку МСП в вопросах безопасности пищевых продуктов по всей производственной цепочке A German research institute offers tailor-made technology to SMEs along the whole production chain to improve the safety issues of food. This includes analysis with the latest methods in microbiology, chemistry and biochemistry as well as the introduction of a quality management system adapted to the needs of the SME. The SME is searching other SMEs for services agreements and subcontracting.
23 41134 Polish producer of high quality multifunctional prams and car seats for children is looking for distributors Польский производитель высококачественных многофункциональных колясок и автомобильных сидений для детей ищет дистрибьюторов The Polish company which specializes in the production of high quality multifunctional prams and car seats for children is looking for distributors for their items in the European Union.
24 41318 German company offers franchise and license agreement for mobile, independent, flexible café Немецкая компания предлагает франшизу и лицензионное соглашение для мобильного, независимого, гибкого кафе A German company developed a proven and working business concept for a completely independent, flexible café for mobile or in-shop use on basis of a cargo tricycle. The company is looking for international partners as franchise agency partner or licence partners.
25 41101 German coaching company offers first aid concept for on- and offshore-wind farms and is looking for distribution service agreement partners Немецкая коучинговая компания предлагает концепцию оказания первой помощи для ветряных электростанций и ищет партнеров по соглашению о дистрибьюторском обслуживании A German coaching company managed by a doctor, specialized in emergency medical aid, developed a first aid concept for on- and offshore-wind farms, that qualifies the technicians, who maintain the wind generators, to render first aid in case of work accidents. The company is looking for partners to conclude distribution services agreements, joint venture agreements or services agreements.
26 41099 A German media production company offers reciprocal and subcontracting production Немецкая медиакомпания предлагает совместное производство и субподряд A German media, video and film production company with focus on industry films including work for companies, fairs, products, promotion and 3-D-visualization is offering reciprocal and subcontracting production services.
27 41345 An Italian-Australian organic semi-dried tomatoes producer, based in Sicily, is looking for agents, distributors and companies in the Northern Europe to establish commercial agency and distribution service agreements Итальянско-австралийский производитель полусухих томатов, базирующийся в Сицилии, ищет агентов, дистрибьюторов и компаний в Северной Европе для заключения соглашений о коммерческом агентстве и дистрибьюторских услугах An Italian-Australian company, based in Sicily, produces organic semi-dried tomatoes (already exported to Ireland, France, Belgium, England, Poland and Germany) and looks for new agents and distributors to enter in new markets. The company is interested in establishing commercial agency and distribution service agreements in Northern European countries.
28 41374 Italian company dedicated to the production of fish preserves and semi-preserves is looking for distributors in European and non European countries Итальянская компания, занимающаяся производством рыбных консервов и полуфабрикатов, ищет дистрибьюторов в европейских и неевропейских странах Italian firm, producer of fish preserves and semi-preserves (anchovies, sardines, salted anchovies and sardines, pickled anchovies fillets, white anchovies, and others) is looking for distributors with experience in this sector both in the EU and in other countries such as New Zealand, Japan, USA, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, China, Russia and Indonesia. They would like to have access to major wholesalers of fish products and they are also interested in targeting the HoReCa channel.
29 41320 Polish independent game development studio created augmented Reality mobile game and is searching for distributors Польская независимая студия разработки игр создала мобильную игру дополненной реальности и ищет дистрибьюторов SME from North East Poland specializing in creation of games, mobile games and AR is searching for distributors of their latest game. Mobile game can be based in augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR). The company is looking for cooperation under distribution services agreement.
30 41327 A Polish SME offers medical and laboratory centrifuges units and seeks partners to cooperate via acquisition agreements, commercial agency and services agreements Польское МСП предлагает медицинские и лабораторные центрифуги и ищет партнеров для сотрудничества через соглашения о приобретении, соглашения о коммерческих услугах A Polish company develops, produces and sells medical and laboratory centrifuges. Developed equipment allows diagnosticians to receive fast and reliable results of routine tests such as morphology, biochemistry, coagulation, or urinalysis. The company is looking for acquisition agreements, commercial agency or services agreements with sales partners to provide health facilities, especially hospitals, with high-quality products.
31 41258 Integrated platform for animal identification, tracking and anomaly detection Интегрированная платформа для идентификации животных, отслеживания и обнаружения аномалий A UK company provides an end-to-end solution for tracking of assets such as animals, and anomaly detection. It combines a variety of third party and proprietary hardware and software and is adaptable to changing needs, such as changes in range, indoor/outdoor, offline/cloud-based, etc. Alerts and visualisation will be highly customised to specific needs. Agricultural but also industrial and transport users are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.