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Номер в ИКС Страна Заголовок Перевод Описание
1 67103 Италия Energy Geostructure Design Проектирование энергетической геоструктуры Italian SME has developed an innovative concept of energy geostructures provided by clean, renewable and locally available thermal energy source. By thermally activating the structural elements of a construction in direct contact with the ground, a low enthalpy geothermal system can be achieved. The SME is looking for technical cooperation agreements for participation to tenders and commercial agreement with technical assistance.
2 66935 Германия Coating with low refractive index sought Требуется покрытие с низким показателем преломления A German plastics research institute seeks a partner to supply a coating with high optical transmission and a refractive index of 1,3 or lower for an illumination unit for automotive interiors. This could be done within a manufacturing agreement. Opportunities for a research cooperation could also be discussed.
3 66478 Италия Cold atmospheric plasma device for surface treatment of materials in biomedical applications or for surface cleaning and surfaces activation. Аппарат с холодной атмосферной плазмой для обработки поверхности материалов в биомедицинских целях или для очистки поверхности и активации поверхностей. An Italian SME established in 2008 by a group of researchers has developed an innovative portable cold (40°C) atmospheric plasma device for surface treatment of materials. Companies looking for metal or polymer surface cleaning and treatment of materials in biomedical applications or looking to improve paint-ability, printability, adhesion and bonding between dissimilar materials of their products are sought for commercial agreement with technical assistance.
4 66513 Италия An Italian company is looking for laser technologies for cutting special lens filters Итальянская компания ищет лазерные технологии для резки специальных линзовых фильтров A small dynamic Italian company has a leading position in a niche market for architectural light projectors and special lens filters (called "gobos") to create indoor and outdoor decorative scenes for events, brand promotion etc. They ares looking for laser based techniques to improve the precision and speed in cutting gobos lenses by customising an existing solution or by collaborating in the development of a new machine under a technical or commercial agreement with technical assistance.
5 66870 Германия Air retaining grids, enabling stable gas layers under fluids Решетки для удержания воздуха, обеспечивающие стабильные газовые слои под жидкостями A German university developed grids for stable gas retention under fluids. These pave the way for large-scale coating innovations, such as friction reducing or antifouling ship coatings or other applications in underwater structures. There is furthermore potential for pressure sensors. The functionality has been proven experimentally. Industrial partners are sought for license agreements.
6 66881 Германия Ligand-free production of gold nanoparticles Безлигандное производство наночастиц золота A German university has developed a process for the production of ligand-free gold nanoparticles. These gold particles show new physical and chemical properties and allow a quantitative production. The university offers a license agreement to partners from the chemical or pharmaceutical industry.
7 67124 Китай A Chinese household appliance manufacturer is seeking intelligent manufacturing technologies and novel design of household appliance regarding refrigerators, washing machines and water heaters Китайский производитель бытовой техники ищет интеллектуальные технологии производства и новый дизайн бытовой техники в отношении холодильников, стиральных машин и водонагревателей. This is a Chinese company specialized in designing and manufacturing of household appliances. The main products include refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, televisions, air conditioners and water heaters. It is seeking novel designs and technologies regarding electric household appliances in order to improve the level of human-machine interaction and to perfect the user experience. Technology transfer and patent licensing are preferable.
8 66860 Италия Geographic Information System for tourism planning. Геоинформационная система для планирования туризма. A University in North Italy is offering their expertise on Geographic Information System (GIS) tools for tourism sector. They are looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance, service agreements and technical cooperation agreements with public departments and stakeholders in tourism.
9 66724 Германия Software for virtual design and optimization of Organic Electronics (OE) material and devices Программное обеспечение для виртуального проектирования и оптимизации материалов и устройств Organic Electronics (OE) A German SME has developed easy-to-use and customizable software for parameter-free, predictive device simulations in Organic Electronics. This enables virtual design by allowing researchers to optimize compounds and devices in the computer, reducing experimental trial and error efforts and thereby development time and costs. The SME is looking for license/commercial agreements with technical assistance with industrial partners interested in incorporating virtual design into their R&D process.
10 66767 Италия Carbon fibres pots, pans, or dishes for induction hobs Кастрюли, сковороды или тарелки из углеродного волокна для индукционных плит An Italian SME with experience on carbon and composite materials applications has developed and patented a surface technology which allows to use pots, pans and dishes made of carbon fibres for cooking or warming food on induction hobs. Carbon characteristics like strength, lightness and aesthetic appearance can revolutionise the cookware market and open new unexpected applications in different sectors. Companies on cookware and cooking appliances industries are sought for licence agreements.
11 66745 Италия Method for determining inhomogeneity in lung tissue Способ определения неоднородности в ткани легких A leading Italian public medical research centre committed to healthcare and translational medicine has developed an innovative method for the treatment of patients undergoing mechanical ventilation preventing lung damages. The medical centre is looking for industrial partners interested in technical cooperation for the application of the new method and/or licence agreement.
12 66433 Польша A Polish innovative company with photonics technology is looking for R&D partners and distributors Польская инновационная компания с фотонными технологиями ищет партнеров и дистрибьюторов для исследований и разработок A Polish company with extensive experience in research, development, and fabrication of innovative photonic solutions for industry application is looking for business and research partners. The company specializes in innovative optic fibers for many different fields, especially for tailored solutions with good quality. The type of cooperation may vary, academia is sought for joint further development and industry for technical or commercial cooperation.
13 66495 Италия Micro-gripper: an innovative device for the manipulation of micro-components Микро-захват: инновационное устройство для манипулирования микрокомпонентами An Italian Research Institute has developed a manipulation device that allows the gripping by vacuum of micro-components and integrates a novel, vacuum-assisted system to support their release. The manipulation of micro components is very challenging, and this system can be helpful for companies that manufacture, integrate or use manipulation devices and looking for innovative micromanipulation methods and tools, by means of licence, research or technical cooperation agreement.
14 66515 Германия German SME offers data management service for precision farming tasks and is looking for services agreements Немецкое МСП предлагает услугу управления данными для задач точного земледелия и ищет соглашения об услугах A German SME has developed a GIS-based (geographic information systems) economic and environmental feedback and report system for precision farming and is looking for farmers and companies in the agricultural sector interested in a services agreement.
15 66529 Германия German SME specialized in manufacturing wire bending parts and torsion springs offers manufacturing and subcontracting agreements Немецкое МСП, специализирующееся на производстве деталей для гибки проволоки и торсионных пружин, предлагает договоры на изготовление и субподряд A German SME specialized in manufacturing wire bending parts and springs is offering manufacturing and subcontracting agreements to industry and research partners in Switzerland and the EU (with a particular focus on Poland).
16 66948 Италия Italian wine brand company seeks agents, importers and distributors operating in the ho.re.ca. and entertainment sector Итальянская винная компания ищет агентов, импортеров и дистрибьюторов, работающих в ho.re.ca. и секторе развлечений An Italian company has specifically created a luxury line of sparkling wines, in order to offer a high-level channel of distribution worldwide, thanks to a strategy of communication, marketing and merchandising developed to support the partners sought by making the brand recognisable to the final consumers. The company is currently seeking agents/importers/distributors with a view at establishing a commercial agency agreement and/or a distribution services agreement.
17 67061 Польша Experienced polish contractor and supplier of complete industrial installations made of ordinary, standard and stainless steel is looking for commercial agency agreement Опытный польский подрядчик и поставщик комплектных промышленных установок из обычной, стандартной и нержавеющей стали ищет коммерческое агентское соглашение Polish company from Middle-East Poland is specialized in industrial installations. The installations are made of ordinary, standard and stainless steel. The company is also a contractor and supplier looking for partners from EU, Africa and Asia as a commercial agency agreement.
18 66790 Италия Serpin inhibitors for the treatment of prion and prion like diseases - License agreements and joint venture opportunity Ингибиторы серпина для лечения прионов и прионоподобных заболеваний. Лицензионные соглашения и возможность создания совместного предприятия A research group based in Italy has developed a new class of small molecules acting as SERPINA3 inhibitors, which are able to reduce prion protein (PrPSc) accumulation in prion-infected cell lines, thereby representing a new therapeutic treatment against prion and prion-like diseases. They are looking for licence agreements and joint venture agreements with pharma companies and/or financial agreements with investors.
19 66462 Германия Intelligent development solutions for the technology sector Интеллектуальные разработки для технологического сектора The German SME is a specialist service provider in the automotive, transportation, aviation and medical technology sector. The services include product development, requirements engineering, project management and simulations. The company supports its clients along the innovative process chain starting from an innovative idea towards the series production of the product. The company seeks cooperations in the form of services agreements.
20 66580 Португалия Portuguese company manufacturing natural insulating solutions seeks European distributors operating in the commercial refrigeration and ventilation industry Португальская компания, производящая природные изолирующие решения, ищет европейских дистрибьюторов, работающих в коммерческой холодильной и вентиляционной промышленности. This Portuguese based company uses 100% green and recyclable materials to deliver high quality, environmentally friendly, sustainable refrigeration solutions. The company’s partners range from the Horeca channel to industry in general. It is currently looking to conclude new distribution agreements in Europe. The innovative insulation materials are made of expanded cork coated with metallic sheet, 100% recyclable, eco-friendly and energy saving. This natural insulation solution is patented.
21 66378 Польша Private label cosmetic manufacturer from Poland, is looking for partners interested in subcontracting the cosmetic manufacturing process Производитель косметики под частной маркой из Польши ищет партнеров, заинтересованных в субподряде процесса производства косметики Polish company which is a well known private label cosmetic manufacturer is looking for companies interested in contracting out part of or full of their cosmetic manufacturing process under a manufacturing, an outsourcing or a subcontracting agreement.
22 66592 Сингапур Singapore manufacturer of high quality avocado ice-cream seeking licensee and distributor via license and distribution service agreement(s). Сингапурский производитель высококачественного мороженого из авокадо, ищет лицензиата и дистрибьютора в рамках лицензионных соглашений и соглашений об услугах дистрибуции. The Singapore ice-cream manufacturer is an established player in the manufacturing of products made from avocados. The company’s mission is to bring the health benefits of avocados to more people. The business is expanding out of the Asian market and the company is looking for companies in Europe who are willing to be a licensee as well as a distributor for the products.
23 66634 Сингапур Singapore electronics manufacturing services company offering manufacturing services to European companies via service agreement(s). Сингапурская компания, занимающаяся производством электроники, предлагает производственные услуги европейским компаниям на основе сервисного соглашения. The Singapore company provides complete electronic manufacturing services (EMS) from design concept to full production with the latest equipment and processes specializing in manufacturing high quality cable harnesses, printed circuit board assemblies and box-build products. The company is offering their electronics manufacturing services to European companies via service agreements.
24 66685 Италия Multi-skilled revamping of street lighting Многопрофильная реконструкция уличного освещения An Italian company working in green energy field, has developed a new cover for the street lighting, that allows to generate electricity by photovoltaic modules and piezoelectric sensors, to light streets, charge electric vehicles and also to do other activities, like storage of big data, traffic news and so on. The company is looking for enterprise in order to sign a license agreement.
25 67396 Германия Peptide-coating for metals in particular titanium e.g. to improve osseointegration of implants Пептидное покрытие для металлов, в частности титана, например, для улучшения остеоинтеграции имплантатов A German university has succeeded in modifying a molecule in a way to effectively promote the osseointegration of implants. It is known that a posttranslational modified amino acid L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA), found in proteins secreted by the blue mussel (Mytilus edulis), can bind to the oxidized surface of titanium without previous chemical treatment. The university is looking for partners from industry for further technical research (Joint Venture) and for license agreements
26 67407 Германия Highly potent ligands of the ghrelin receptor to influence food intake Сильнодействующие лиганды рецептора грелина для воздействия на потребление пищи A German University has developed synthesized short peptides that show high inverse agonist potency towards the ghrelin receptor, which is useful in the treatment of feeding-related disorders, such as obesity. The endogenous ligand ghrelin is the only known orexigenic gastrointestinal peptide and plays a central role in the regulation of appetite and energy homeostasis. The university is looking for partners from industry for further R&D and license agreements.
27 67356 Польша Polish company is requesting furniture and other furnishings under distribution services agreement Польская компания запрашивает мебель и другую фурнитуру в соответствие с соглашением о дистрибьюторских услугах A Polsh company specialised in the distribution of furniture and furnishing (mainly Scandinavian) is looking for producers of tables, chairs and other furnishings for private and commercial use. Cooperation in the form of a distribution services agreement is requested.
28 67229 Италия An innovative Italian start-up is looking for collaboration in R&D for geotechnical, chemical-soil interaction and raw material management Инновационный итальянский стартап ищет сотрудничество в области НИОКР для геотехнического, химико-почвенного взаимодействия и управления сырьем An Italian innovative startup company is offering services to optimize the chemicals performances and effects in the soil and to monitor and reduce the environmental impact for specific applications. The SME is active in research and development activities and can offer on-site field tests of geotechnical and chemical engineering. The SME is looking for research, technical and service agreement, mainly in Europe and extra-UE. It is open also to joint venture Agreement.
29 67215 Италия Polymer compounds with tailor made electroconductive, hydro-repellent, antimicrobial and/or self cleaning properties for medical and other industrial applications Полимерные соединения с индивидуальными электропроводящими, гидрофобизирующими, антимикробными и / или самоочищающимися свойствами для медицинских и других промышленных применений. An Italian SME established in 2008 by a group of researchers that worked for many years in the technological transfer between academia and industries has developed innovative polymer compounds starting from a wide range of thermoplastic polymers to be used in biomedical and industrial applications and also in additive manufacturing. Companies are sought for commercial agreement with technical assistance to use the adopt the compounds or technical cooperation to adapt them to new applications
30 67293 Германия German company active in the production of herbs and spices is looking for a distribution services agreement or a commercial agency agreement Немецкая компания, занимающаяся производством трав и специй, ищет сотрудничество в рамках договора о дистрибьюторских услугах или коммерческого договора A German SME active in the food sector and spezialised in the manufacture of spices and spice mixtures is looking for partners in Luxemburg and France in order to expand their business. The cooperation partners should have excellent knowledge of the food sector. They are looking for distribution services agreements or commercial agency agreements in these countries.
31 67202 Италия An improved challenge test for food products safety Улучшенный тест на безопасность пищевых продуктов An Italian biotech company has developed a new challenge test methodology able to simulate what happens to a product should it become contaminated, also identifying autochthonous contaminants and evaluating the efficacy of the procedures adopted. The test is performed inoculating microorganisms in raw ingredients or production plant to determine health hazards or spoilage risks. Companies in food sector are sought for commercial agreement with technical assistance.